MTC Handbook Medical Kinesiology Taping + dvdMTC Handbook Medical Kinesiology Taping + dvd

MTC kinesiology taping method book + DVD

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This kinesiology taping method book is written by MTC teacher Harry Pineal and comprises a 192 pages with full color images. It is written in English manual especially for (para) medical professionals. The first chapter describes the effects of the tape and substantiated. Themes also come as swelling, pain, itching and lymph discussed. The following chapters are practical applications shown for kinesiology taping. The basic taping techniques are discussed as well as numerous pathologies. This kinesiology taping book is also available in other languages: German, French, Polish and Russian.

  • Author: Harry Pijnappel.
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Full color images: 400 photos.

Incl. DVD with subtitles: 45 min starring Harry Pineal and Christina Peter

Kinesiology taping method video

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