Power Band – Light Resistance

Power bands (or Pull up bands) are the perfect way to take your workout to the next level. Power resistance bands are very useful as an aid in practising pull ups, but are also used to target a specific muscle group in exercises such as benching, squatting & deadlifting.

*Colours may vary due to availability (resistance level remains unchanged).

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Our customers buy Power bands because they are made of high quality materials . The power bands are used for powerlifting, agility and resistance training, general conditioning, stretching and rehabilitation.

Power bands are the perfect way to take your workout to the next level. Power resistance bands are very useful as an aid in practising pull ups, but are also used to target a specific muscle group in exercises such as benching, squatting & deadlifting. These Power Bands are a good addition for powerlifting and a perfect fit for cross training.

This strength resistance band is widely used by professional athletes and is therefore a necessity to take your training to the next level. Power bands are also known as: Pull up Bands, Strength Bands, Super Resistance Bands, Powerlifting Bands or Super Exercise Band.



Power Bands – Set of 3 Power Resistance Bands

I bought the 3 sets of resistance bands and they provide a wide variety of exercises at home. This is like the Booty resistance bands but it is not in fabric and I think that these are complementary as with both Sets, I can do different movements and exercises as the sets enable me to achieve different amplitude range. With this set, I can also do stretching after regular activity or just relax and release my muscles.”

Customer who prefers to remain anonymous,


Perfect fit for Cross training

Power Resistance Bands are a perfect fit for cross training and are therefore used for multiple exercises. As with all resistance bands, the sky is the limit! There are infinite ways to use this set of Power Bands in your training regime, put together your favourite exercises and come up with the best work out!

4 inches / 1 meter long power resistance bands

Strength bands are a popular aid for stretching and strengthening both upper and lower body muscles. The length of the power bands – 41 inches / 1 meter (105cm) long– makes them ideal for upper body exercises, as well as to help stretch and strengthen large lower body muscles like the hips. Strength resistance bands also have the added benefit to be used as a training aid for a variety of exercises such as assisted chin ups. Power Bands are also a great tool for power development and explosive based movements because they can be tied around barbells and benches for squats and presses.

Available in 3 resistance levels:

  • Light = red (7 – 30 kg)
  • Medium = green (11 – 35 kg)
  • Heavy = blue (23 – 55 kg)

Power bands are suitable for:

  • Forming and strengthening different muscle groups
  • Mobility
  • Stretching
  • Dynamic Warmups
  • Resistance training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home workouts
  • Perfect fit for cross training
  • Also known as: Pull up Resistance Bands / Chin up Bands / Workout Bands / Strength Bands / Power Resistance Bands

Power Band exercises

Need some exercise inspiration? Take a look at our power band exercise images. There you will find some great variations on exercises that you may already know, but with extra resistance.

For example, give your squats, push ups, pull ups and kickbacks an extra dimension using power bands. They are also a good addition during powerlifting workouts such as the bench press. As you stretch an elastic further, it provides more resistance. So the exercise gets heavier the further you stretch them. You can use the Power Bands to work on your pull ups, muscle ups and chin ups. You will practice the movement, while you do not yet have the strength to perform sets the way you want. You will be surprised how much technique it takes to do a decent pull up. As soon as you understand the technique, you can slowly expand your sets and switch to a lighter elastic or even no elastic at all. Before you know it you have mastered them!


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Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 27 × 5 × 2 cm
Resistance level

Light Resistance (Red), Medium Resistance (Green), Heavy Resistance (Blue)

Length (m)


Length (inches)



Rubber, Latex

Latex properties

Layered, Stretch, Natural


Strength, Pull ups, Chin ups, Push ups, Squats, Dips, Upper body, Shoulder, Leg, Glute, Chest

Training / Workout

Fitness, Functional fitness, Rehab, Mobility, Agility, Body weight, Full body, Strength, Condition, Cross, Powerlifting

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