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THYSOL Australia is a leading supplier, wholesaler and educational leader of kinesiology tape and fascia release products. THYSOL Australia offers a total fascia related concept, with high quality fascia massage tools, various kinesiology tape products and educational courses distributed via our close connected partners in the local markets.

Fascia massage tools & kinesiology tape wholesaler

THYSOL Australia is based in Eumundi, Queensland, Australia and the production and R&D facilities in Seoul, Korea. THYSOL Group BV introduced and maintains the role of the number one kinesiology tape wholesale supplier in Europe which is produced and sold under the brandname CureTape®. THYSOL works with a state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility that complies with all of the internationally required certificates. Because these are our own facilities we are able to cooperate with leading multinationals enabling us to manufacture our products as “class 1 medical devices”. THYSOL Australia can therefore supply these Fascia Massage Tools (iastm tools, floss bands, silicone cupping sets, trigger point massage tools and Massage Guns), Training Equipment (suspension trainer, resistance bands & resistance tubes with handles) and Kinesiology Tape in Australia to physiotherapists, medical clinics and other medical professionals.

Extensive range of kinesiology tape & fascia massage tools

CureTape - Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape

VetkinTape logo - Veterinary kinesiology tape

Veterinary tape

FASCIQ logo - Fascia Massage Tools

Fascia massage tools

CrossLinq logo - Acupressure Crosspatches

Acupressure crosspatches

Australian based partner

Shop with confidence with our local Australian partner

THYSOL Australian based company
  • Local support – Our support team is situated here in sunny Queensland so we can offer support during local business hours.
  • Local community – As an extension to THYSOLs vision we aim to provide the Australian community with easy access to methods and products which promote optimal health and increase mobility. Additionally, THYSOL keeps the ecological footprint in mind, during the production process.
  • Local business oriented - Because THYSOL is locally based in Australia, we can more easily and quickly meet to your (local) requirements.

Australia's #1 supply partner for medical professionals

In order to guarantee the highest quality kinesiology tape and fascia massage tools for the Australian market, THYSOL holds various quality marks.

THYSOL CE-certified
tuv mark
TGA mark thysol australia
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