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Kinesiology taping can also be a valuable addition to the treatment process in speech therapy. A partner we gladly refer to for learning taping techniques in this field is the “Practice for speaking and singing” of speech therapist, speech and voice coach Rob Stallinga in cooperation with FysioGraaf from physiotherapist Carla de Graaf.In recent years, a great deal of experience has been gained with adults and children in the treatment of:

  • Speech problems
  • (Singing) voice and throat complaints
  • Swallowing disorders (also neurological)
  • Oro-myofunctional complaints (OMFT)
  • Jaw and sinus problems
  • Postural corrections
  • Pareses
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speech therapy-jaw

The correct application of the various tapes, giving the correct instructions and ensuring an adequate follow-up, requires therapeutic craftsmanship of a speech therapist and also basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to apply a tape properly. The professionalism of the Kinesiology taping Concept is therefore also essential for speech therapy applications.Below you will find a few -of the many- speech therapy applications, which will also be covered during the courses from Rob Stallinga and Carla de Graaf.

Voice and swallowing problems influenced by the position of the hyoid bone

A muscle that influences the position of the hyoid bone is the sternohyoid muscle. Depending on the direction in which CureTape is applied, the tape can be used for voice and swallowing problems.

This muscle tape is also often used for voice training of transgenders.

speech therapy-sternohyoideus-voice

Posture correction

Posture correction is often an essential part of speech therapy. With CureTape it is possible to correct posture. This application is frequently used for both children and adults.

posture-logotherapy-with-tape 2


Improving lip closure in facial paresis

In facialis paresis, the muscles on one side of the face are paralysed to a greater or lesser degree. With a supportive tape, you can improve lip closure. A solution for very many patients.

Lip close under logotherapy

Influencing salivary flow (hyper-/hyposalivation)

Salivation is influenced by afferent and efferent stimuli of the autonomic nervous system.
Segmental tapes influence this process. A small tape can already produce a wonderful result.


Globus complaints (“lump in the throat” feeling)

There are people who have a lumpy feeling. A feeling that there is a lump of mucus in the throat, a pellet or some other irritation. Various causes, including excessive muscle tension in the neck and throat area, can be treated by the speech therapist using a muscle tape or, as shown in the photo, a CrossLinq.

Speech therapy sinusholte

Sinus cavities

The sinus cavities can affect voice and breathing. A CureTape fascia correction affects the function of the sinuses.

More information:

Please note that applications provided on our website are not clinically proven. All mentioned applications are based on extensive evaluation and case studies with licensed physiotherapists and/or other health professionals.

Attention: Mentioning source is mandatory, when using the content on this page.

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