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Meet the team

THYSOL Australia’s team consists of enthusiastic professionals who are convinced of the added value of our products. Besides the staff in our head office in Eumundi, we have a group of instructors who teach our fascia or taping courses.


Tony van der Niet

Sales Director at THYSOL Australia

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 5400 8709

“Since 2015 I have focused on improving the quality of life for my patients suffering from toxicity whether from sickness, disease, lifestyle or genetic disposition. This protocol has ranged from lymphatic massage, compression garments and kinesiology taping to more recently including flossing cupping and IASTM facial mobilization. I am currently building my own clinic/training facility in Eumundi. I am also the national distributor for THYSOL in Australia.”

Tony is a Remedial Massage Therapist, specialising in lymphatic massage. He is also the sales director of THYSOL Australia.
1 Seib Road, Eumundi, Queensland


Dr. Janet Douglass

Certified course instructor

Jan’s first passion is lymphaticism. She is a therapist, instructor and researcher who developed a deep understanding of how to use kinesiology tapes lymphatically while treating her own chest and hand lymphedema. Jan now specialises in tropical lymphoedemas. Her latest project is a charitable foundation to transform expensive face-to-face training into shareable digital materials for use in low-income countries. Jan’s second passion is to pass on to others all that she knows about the subtle arts of stimulating and supporting the lymphatic system.

Jan is a Lymphoedema Consultant and Managing Director of Moving Lymph Pty Ltd

Trent Dolman

Certified course instructor

Trent is a registered acupuncturist and exercise therapist in Brisbane. He works with professional young athletes, professional cross-fit athletes and orthopaedic conditions. By combining traditional techniques with modern evidence-based methods, Trent is able to provide a holistic approach to patient care.

Trent works as an Acupuncturist & Remedial Massage Therapist at Balance to You in Stafford, Queensland

Robyn Larson-Shelton

Certified course instructor

I have trained with some of Australia’s best equine lameness vets and famous equine scientist Dr Sharon May-Davis. Assessing animals for dysfunction at all levels of the body is my passion and has led to amazing clinical results. VetkinTape changed my practice significantly as I am able to utilise taping for assessment, therapy and rehabilitation.

Founder of Equine Miracle Bodywork and Education.
Presents courses across Australia and New Zealand
Mobile Equine and Canine Bodyworker Sth Coast NSW, Canberra and Darwin

Christel Lemmen

Certified course instructor

Christel Lemmen MSc is a former University Lecturer in Applied Health Sciences (Physical Education & Physiotherapy, and Sport Science)in the Netherlands. Currently running her own practice in Australia, working in Physical Education (Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist) and constantly running workshops online and across the globe splitting most of her time between Australia, the Netherlands and the UK. She is often found as a guest speaker at events and wellness resorts for her knowledge on the body. She gained a deep understanding of how the body operates by investing much of her time in personalized functional health approaches.

MSc Health (sport and exercise,)
BSc Physiotherapy,
BSc Physical education,
Functional Movement Neurology practitioner and Yoga Teacher/ registered Teacher Trainer (YACEP)

Lynne Harrison

Certified course instructor

Lynne has been a qualified physiotherapist for over 20 years, working mainly in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. In 2013, Lynne expanded her clinical practice to animals, now specialising in the equine athlete. As part of her MSc research, Lynne researched the use of VetkinTape in horses and presented her research at the International Congress of Equine Exercise Physiology in Australia in 2018.

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
Clinical Director Horse & Rider Physiotherapy
National Chair APA Animal Physiotherapy Group
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Benjamin Humphris

Certified course instructor

Ben is the founder and Head Physiotherapist at Results Based Physiotherapy. He combines traditional Physiotherapy practice, with Remedial (manual therapy) practice, and Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation practice. His accurate injury diagnostic ability, combined with many manual therapy techniques, and tailored strength and rehabilitation exercise programming not only leaves the client with an immediate effect on their pain and dysfunction, but also a comprehensive plan to address the presenting issues.

Ben is considered a leader in his industry and is on a mission to introduce a new way of thinking and operating to Physiotherapy, and all relative Musculo-Skeletal fields. He is an educator, course creator and is influential across his social media platforms. Ben has had additional training in Myotherapy and Remedial Massage, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Exercise Science.