Fabric Resistance Bands – Set of 3 Booty Resistance Bands

Set of 3 professional and comfortable Fabric Resistance Bands. Perfect for training your legs and booty without feeling uncomfortable. Wrapped in soft cotton textile and provided with an anti-slip layer on the inside. Once you have tried these bands you will never want anything else!

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Our customers buy the Set of 3 fabric resistance bands because they are comfortable to wear, feature a non-slip layer and are perfect to train your legs and glutes.

Set of 3 professional and comfortable Fabric Resistance Bands (Booty Resistance Bands). Perfect for training your legs and booty without feeling uncomfortable. Wrapped in soft cotton textile and provided with an anti-slip layer on the inside. Once you have tried these bands you will never want anything else!


Fabric Resistance Bands – Set of 3 Booty Resistance Bands

Diverse exercises with this multimodal tool for core, leg, and buttocks exercises. I also use them for upper body exercise. You can easily find videos online and on the Physio track app (if you are like me that is doing Physiotherapy rehab after sports muscle injury). I’ve been doing stretching, bodyweight exercises, and toning exercises at home with them. Their quality is above similar products in the market and price much better.”

Customer who prefers to remain anonymous,


Fabric Resistance Bands: suitable for all kinds of exercises

This luxury set of resistance bands consists of 3 fabric bands, all wrapped in comfortable cotton textile. The fabric resistance bands are very suitable for all kinds of exercises for training the upper legs and booty, which is why they are often called booty bands. The resistance bands are 8 cm wide and vary in length, depending on the size you use. The light variant is 35 cm long, the medium variant is 37 cm long and the heavy variant is 39 cm long. All elastics have an anti-slip layer on the inside, so that the band does not shift during training. Never have that pinching feeling of uncomfortable elastic on the skin again! The resistances of the different bands are 45kg, 65kg and 75kg. The set comes in a handy carrying bag, so you can easily take the bands with you wherever you go. The bands are often used to train the booty (booty resistance bands), but can also help you in doing controlled squats, for example. With the resistance band set you can perform many exercises. The possibilities are almost endless!

Note: These resistance bands can be washed only during a hand wash, due to the fabric. Washing in a washing machine can cause accelerated wear.

Fabric Resistance bands set information:

  • Set of resistance bands includes 3 resistance levels:
    • Light resistance (45 KG)
    • Medium resistance (65 KG)
    • Heavy resistance (75 KG)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 35/37/39 cm
    • Width: 8 cm

Benefits of Fabric Booty Resistance Bands

  • Superior quality
  • Non slip resistance bands: Non-slip strip on inner side
  • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes during exercises
  • Improves technique and gets you stronger, faster
  • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
  • This resistance helps keep the knees pushed out during squats and deadlifts
  • Ideal for warm up before workouts for glutes, hips and hamstrings
  • Bands are suitable for exercise therapy of both arms and legs
  • Perfect for building your booty
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy in use


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Additional information

Weight 0.262 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 3 cm

Cotton, Textile

Fabric properties

Comfortable, Thick, Stretchy, Non slip,

Resistance level

Light, Medium, Heavy

Length (cm)

35, 37, 39

Circumference/loop (cm)

70, 74, 79

Width (cm)


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