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THYSOL Australia‘s CureTape Classic and CureTape Punch are excellent. We have had great success over scars with CureTape Punch. Additionally, we have found that CureTape can be very helpful in: early recovery stages of surgical procedures, for heavy bruising, fibrosis, and are now trialing it for early intervention of lymphoedema

– Mel Horton, Mandurah Oedema clinic



“I really like CureTape and the THYSOL Australia‘s service :). My own experience is that CureTape provides protection for the tissues, has a supporting function which allows full range of movement and as the tape can be worn for up to 4-7 days it gives my clients a ’24 hour treatment’.”

– Carolyn Rowe, The Lymph Place clinic



“I am using CureTape Kinesiology Tape, a product that convinced me from the beginning because my clients tolerate it on the skin until it comes off by itself, even up to 2 weeks. It is easy to take off and also easy to apply for those who feel confident to use it at home. I haven’t seen any skin irritation, not even complaints about an uncomfortable feeling. The general response of my customers is very positive, they feel the support of the tape for muscles and joints and the release of tension and pain.”

– Martina Link, Balance Your Life clinic



“Good adhesion, easy removal,no irritation,I used on my face and I have sensitive skin,I used for tmj and oral support . I also used for my son’s knee ,the tape was resilient and stayed on his knee till removed two weeks later. I am a trained kinesiologist with over 20 years clinical experience, kinesiotape is a must have for rehabilitation and retraining muscles when used with other supportive methods and treatment”

– Maneeka, Trained kinesiologist with over 20 years clinical experience


“Remarkable service when ordering massage gun. The gun is of very high quality and extremely powerful. Prompt delivery.”

John Lyons

Shelly Beach, NSW, Australia

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