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Resistance Bands (also: Resistance Tubes, Exercise Bands or Fitness bands) are an excellent multi-purpose tool that can be used for anything including cross-, strength- and condition training, fitness, stretching or rehabilitation.

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These resistance loops are a popular alternative to using free weights or machines. They provide you with different resistance level choices just like a weightlifter would use different size dumbbells or barbells. No matter what your training needs are, THYSOL Australia has a wide range of Resistance Bands suitable for your personal needs.

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Looking to buy resistance bands and tubing for strength training and exercises? THYSOL Australia is your go-to web shop for all types of Resistance Training Equipment. Shop our wide selection of resistance bands for mobility and recovery work, including Fabric Resistance Bands, Resistance Bands with Handles, Mini bands and Power bands in Australia. Click any of the exercise bands above to see photos, additional information and delivery options.

Portable exercise bands

Do you like to exercise when you travel? Resistance bands are light and compact and will fit into any carry on or suitcase and can be taken anywhere.

Light to heavy resistance loops

Perhaps one of the most common uses for these bands is rehabilitation of the upper or lower extremities. Since very light resistance levels are provided, you can gain back full range of motion and graduate to heavier resistance bands as you get stronger.

Resistance Bands with handles

Some resistance bands come with handles at each end which make it easier to exercise the arms, upper body and even the legs when performing exercises such as resistance band squads.