CureTape® Punch

Great for Lymphoedema
Greater Stretch Capacity
Unique Pattern of Perforated Holes

CureTape Punch is the perfect solution for treating lymphoedema and other lymphatic drainage issues as well as minimizing scarring and fibrosis. This innovative product is designed to provide targeted support and relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. The tape is lightweight, breathable and stretchable, making it ideal for any sport or activity. With its easy application, CureTape Punch is the perfect choice for those looking for effective pain relief and support.

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CureTape® Punch is a kinesiology tape with an unique pattern of perforated holes. It is less intrusive on the skin and it has a 3-dimensional direction of influencing the fascia. Most commonly used for lymphatic and scar tissue appliances.

Kinesiology Tape for lymphatic drainage

CureTape Punch is a type of kinesiology tape that is specially designed for lymphatic drainage. It features a unique perforated design that allows for better air circulation and drainage, making it a popular choice among lymphatic physiotherapists and experts worldwide. The tape's ability to improve lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and inflammation, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with lymphedema or other lymphatic issues. In addition, CureTape Punch is made with the same high-quality materials as our other CureTape products, ensuring superior adhesion and support. If you are looking for a kinesiology tape that can help improve lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling and inflammation, CureTape Punch is an excellent choice.

Lymph Taping with CureTape Punch

Lymph taping with CureTape Punch is a highly effective method to stimulate lymphatic drainage in the body. The special elastic tape material used in this technique has the same elasticity as the skin and can be applied in accordance with the anatomy of the lymphatic system. By positioning the body in a way that the tape is stretched, lymphatic drainage is stimulated 24 hours a day. The tape gently lifts the skin, which opens up the lumen of the lymph capillaries and reduces pressure on the blood vessels. Additionally, the tape serves as a conductor of interstitial fluid. CureTape Punch is used by many lymphatic physiotherapists across the world for various conditions including head and neck edema, breast edema, pubic swelling/midline edema, breast cancer-related lymphedema, orthopedic edema, secondary lymphedema of the lower limbs, scar and fibrosis taping, primary lymphedema, and lipedema.


"Good quality"

“I am a patient with lymphoedema in my chest wall after cancer treatment. For the first time, I tried using this tape by myself; easy to apply, good quality…After seven days of daily showers, the tape is firmly in place, and my sensitive skin doesn’t react to it!!! As a gardener, I have to do physical activities in the hot and sweaty summer of Otago, but I hardly notice the tape on my skin when I work.... No 'pulling' or redness.”

- Leila, Queenstown, New Zealand