Cupping sets

The FASCIQ® silicone cupping sets (or vacuum cupping sets) are plastic silicon-based. Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment method that has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine. This alternative therapy uses “spheres” made of different materials, such as glass, plastic or silicone, to suck the skin vacuum. By squeezing the cupping, a vacuum is created on the skin surface which is used by professionals for i.e. cellulite treatment.

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Silicone cupping sets are used for:

  • A relaxing, soothing and healing effect on the fascial network.
  • Removal of blockages in the body.
  • Fast disposal of waste and moisture (lymphatic drainage).
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Improved elasticity and firmness of the skin (for example, in case of cellulite).
  • Improvement of scar tissue, skin adhesions and wrinkles

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