Online Sports Taping Course – 2.5 hrs

Online Sports Taping Course – 2.5 hrs

By taking this online course on sports taping, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to tape athletes with confidence, regardless of the sport they play. This course offers expert guidance from experienced professionals, as well as access to practical demonstrations and explanations.

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This online sports taping course provides you with the skills and knowledge to confidently tape athletes in any sport. You’ll learn from experienced professionals and get access to practical demonstrations and explanations. With this course, you’ll be ready to apply the latest taping techniques and help athletes stay safe and perform their best!

Vladimir Botezatu, accredited specialist and instructor in Medical Taping Concept, is offering a comprehensive online sports taping course. Learn the most effective techniques for taping sprains, dislocations, and other sports injuries. Vladimir will teach proper taping methods and explain how to use the different types of tapes and materials. You‘ll also learn how to apply the tape in the right places to offer the most effective support and protection. With this knowledge, you‘ll be able to prevent and treat sports injuries with confidence.

How to view the course

After purchasing this online course you will receive a voucher code in your order confirmation that you can use to gain access to the course on our online learning platform.

Course Curriculum

Sports Injuries – Medical Taping Applications
Video 1. Anterior cruciate ligament rupture 00:07:14
Video 2. Shoulder dislocation, anterior and multiaxial instability 00:00:00
Video 3. Dislocation of the radiocarpal joint 00:13:26
Video 4. Knee sprain 00:05:57
Video 5. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) 00:11:52
Video 6. Meniscus injury 00:10:16
Video 7. Quadriceps contusion 00:12:32
Video 8. Whiplash syndrome 00:18:21
Video 9. Jumper’s knee tendinitis 00:09:00
Video 10. Plantar fasciitis 00:10:57
Video 11. Contusion or fracture of the ribs 00:09:21
Video 12. Ankle sprain 00:18:28
Syllabus (PDF) – Sport Injuries – Top Medical Applications (Theory & Practice) 51 pages 00:00:00