CureTape® Art kinesiology tape designs 5cm x 5m

The CureTape Art kinesiology tape is comprised of six different designs. CureTape® Art is a safe, latex-free product with the TÜV quality mark and is produced in the THYSOL factory in South Korea.

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Trusted by Health Professionals & Athletes
Various Designs Available
Unique Printing Process for Supple Cotton


Our customers buy CureTape® Art 5cm as it spices up the kinesiology taping game! Kinesiology tape with various designs available.

CureTape® Art kinesiology tape 5cm x 5m is comprised of six different designs. CureTape Art kinesiology tape design is manufactured according to a unique printing process, the dye is completely absorbed into the fibers. The cotton will continue to feel smooth and supple. CureTape Art is the only kinesiology tape where this unique printing technique for these designs is used. This way CureTape® Art complies to THYSOLs standard of the highest quality kinesiology tape. The elastic cotton is provided with a ventilating hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. The extensive range of prints can also be combined with the existing colors of CureTape Classic.

CureTape® Art kinesiology tape is a safe, latex-free product with the TÜV quality mark and is produced in our own factory in South Korea.

Why CureTape®️ Art kinesiology tape:

  • The most commonly used tape among professionals.
  • Constant, high quality.
  • Skin-friendly, suitable for the sensitive skin.
  • Latex free, elastic, water-resistant and breathable.
  • Production in our ISO certified factory in South Korea.
  • Complies with the latest European medical MDR legislation.
  • Excellent quality, TÜV and ISO certificate.

Certificates & Registrations CureTape®️ Art:

CureTape®️ Art is used for:

  • Activating the blood and lymph circulation.
  • (Post) treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system.
  • Pain relief and change in range of motion.
  • Improvement of muscle function and skin structures.
  • Support of joint function.

Available designs: Tattoo, Tiger, Zebra, Leopard, Army Blue and Tartan.

CureTape kinesiology tape product video


“CureTape® convinced me from the beginning”

“I am using CureTape, a product that convinced me from the beginning because my clients tolerate it on the skin until it comes off by itself, even up to 2 weeks. It is easy to take off and also easy to apply for those who feel confident to use it at home. I haven’t seen any skin irritation, not even complaints about an uncomfortable feeling. The general response of my customers is very positive, they feel the support of the tape for muscles and joints and the release of tension and pain.”


– Martina Link, Balance Your Life clinic




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