Deviant shoulder position – Kinesiology tape

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By applying Kinesiology tape within the treatment plan, you can correct a deviant shoulder position. This correction often has a positive effect on the complaints.

Common postural abnormalities are forward slumping shoulders (protraction) and hunched shoulders (elevation). Elevated shoulders are often caused by overloading, stress and tension. A one-sided, repetitive posture can also cause an elevated position of the shoulder.

In this position the levator scapulae is often overloaded and tense.

With protraction, the shoulders are positioned forward. This position deviation occurs quite directly, for example, due to an incorrect posture at the computer. Partly due to the advent of tablets, game consoles and smartphones, young people in particular develop a protraction position. Because of this position, subacromial complaints in the shoulder region, such as impingement complaints, can also gradually develop. Painful complaints caused by tissue (bone, muscle, tendon, bursa, capsula, etc.) in the shoulder become trapped.


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How do you tape a shoulder instability?

Step 1

Taping a deviant shoulder position step 1
Apply the base without stretching to the coracoid process and bring the shoulder into the correct position.

Step 2

Taping a deviant shoulder position step 2
Then apply the tape, using a fascial technique, towards the spinal column. With this tape application, the emphasis is on depression of the shoulder.

Step 3

Taping a deviant shoulder position step 3
The base of the second tape is also applied without stretching, on the processus coracoideus and follows the spina scapulae towards the spine with a fascia technique.

Step 4

Taping a deviant shoulder position step 4
With this tape application, the emphasis lies on the exorotation of the shoulder.

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