CureTape® Classic

Stretchability from 130% to 140%
Lasts for 4-7 days
The professionals' choice

Kinesiology taping is an effective and popular treatment for many common injuries, but it can be hard to find the right tape. CureTape® Classic is one of the most widely used kinesiology tapes in the professional medical market worldwide. We are both manufacturer and supplier of this amazing kinesiology tape.

Why CureTape® Classic is our #1 bestseller
Kinesiology tape falling off, not being able to shower, itchy and uncomfortable. You will not have any of that when using CureTape® Classic. This elastic therapeutic kinesiology tape comes with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer. With CureTape® Classic, you’ll get the perfect application every time.

The adhesion of the tape can be influenced by greasiness of the skin, the body part where the tape is applied and the ambient temperature. But in most applications, the tape remains in place for 4 to 7 days. All CureTape® kinesiology tapes are water-resistant so showering or even swimming is not an issue.

Try CureTape® Classic – an elastic therapeutic kinesiology tape that can help relieve pain!

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Our customers buy CureTape® Classic because it is our original line of consistent high quality kinesiology tape. It has convinced countless physiotherapists and their patients all over the world and has been trusted by them for more than 20 years!

High quality kinesiology tape

With our kinesiology tape, you can be assured that you're getting a product that will last. Unlike other brands, CureTape® Classic really stands out because of the quality of the material. We stand behind our quality and are convinced that you will not want to do otherwise when you choose our kinesiology tape. Choosing CureTape means choosing a brand you can trust. You'll feel better knowing you're using a product that will last.

Chosing the right tape

Choosing the right kinesiology tape can be confusing and time-consuming. Even switching to a different brand is not done often because you know what you are used to. Such a waste, because using the right tape really makes a difference in the taping treatment. CureTape® offers a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs. No matter what your need, CureTape® has a kinesiology tape perfect for you. CureTape® Classic kinesiology tape is available in eight colours and three sizes. There is always a nice colour or size for the application you need it for! And if you still cannot find the right one, cut it to size with our premiums scissors.

CureTape® Classic 5cm

CureTape® Classic 5cm is our number one bestseller for a reason. It is great water-resistant tape in a variety of colours. You can also find it in our tube set of three rolls MYCureTape, combined with CureTape® Art. Which has the same characteristics as Classic, but with fun prints!

CureTape® Classic 1cm

Cutting up kinesiology tape to size takes up a long time. We know that! This is why we have developed a smaller size roll to save you time. The 1cm kinesiology tape comes in a box of 5 rolls. It's easy to use for scar taping or for treating lymphedema.

CureTape® Classic 2.5 cm

You'll get two rolls in a box of Classic 2.5 cm. For fun, we also have this tape in two colours: beige and blue. It is widely used for lymph taping and by speech therapists, but it general, like the 1cm Classic, it is useful when taping smaller areas on the body like fingers or the face.

CureTape® Classic 7.5 cm

If you thought by now that we only offer small sizes then you are mistaken! CureTape® is designed to fit everyone's needs. That is why we have also created an extra wide 7.5 cm roll. It only comes in beige, but is very useful for taping larger larger muscle groups and lower back pain.

CureTape® Giant

Are you a professional and do you go through a lot of kinesiology tape? Good for you! We have a giant roll of kinesiology tape just to fit your avid taping needs! It's the same as the trusty Classic 5cm roll, but it contains a little more than six original CureTape® Classic rolls for a cheaper price!


"CureTape® convinced me from the beginning"

“I am using CureTape, a product that convinced me from the beginning because my clients tolerate it on the skin until it comes off by itself, even up to 2 weeks. It is easy to take off and also easy to apply for those who feel confident to use it at home. I haven’t seen any skin irritation, not even complaints about an uncomfortable feeling. The general response of my customers is very positive, they feel the support of the tape for muscles and joints and the release of tension and pain.”

Martina Link, Balance Your Life clinic