VetkinTape® Veterinary tape

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Developed for Veterinary Appliance

VetkinTape® veterinary tape is an elastic kinesiology tape, developed and innovated especially for the veterinary application.

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Our customers buy VetkinTape® Veterinary Kinesiology Tape because it is specifically designed to apply for veterinary purposes.

VetkinTape® product features

VetkinTape® (3cm, 6cm and 10cm) has a number of key features; a special adhesive layer designed to stick on animal coats, 145% stretch to match the many and varied sizes of animals where application is required, primarily in canine and equine kinesiology taping.

VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape uses include;

  • Alleviating injured muscles (pain relief and stimulates circulation)
  • Generating an improvement in recovery times and performance
  • Realignment of biomechanical and postural dysfunction
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