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Fascia massage therapy gun

Unable to visit your physiotherapist due to COVID-19? FASCIQ® has developed a massage device that can give you a professional recovery treatment at home! Maintain a healthy body at home using our newly developed massage therapy gun!
Become your own physiotherapist using the massage therapy gun (also fascia gun or body massage gun). Tackle painful knots and inflammation caused by adhesions between the fascia and muscles!

FASCIQ® massage guns provide therapeutic pain relief for:

– Anyone who has suffered soft tissue damage
– Anyone with a labour-intensive job
– Anyone suffering with tight muscles from stress-related tension
– Anyone suffering from a chronic pain condition

Our massage gun provides a professional percussion therapy to sore and tight muscles. The repeated percussion will give your muscles the needed oxygen to recover after an intensive work-out!

How does a percussion handheld massage gun work?

1. The continuous percussion on the affected muscle stimulates blood flow, providing additional oxygen and growth hormones

2. This halts excess lactic acid production during the treatment. Lactic acid is the cause of most muscle soreness.

Muscle Massager gun benefits:

The massage therapy gun delivers deep pulses (or percussions) in the muscle tissues. These repeated pulses generate an increased blood flow, accelerating growth & repair of the tissues. These result in pain relief and increasing range of motion.
The deep muscle percussions provided by Massage Gun therapy can deliver all of the following benefits:
• Ease soft tissue pain
• Release lactic acid
• Accelerate muscle recovery
• Stimulate muscle growth
• Improve blood circulation
• Enhance range of motion
• Muscle stretch
• Improve muscle responsiveness
• Reduce risk of injury

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