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If you’re looking to ensure that your kinesiology tape stays in place, our pre-taping sprays are the perfect solution! We’ve crafted two different sprays, one specifically designed to make tape stick better to your skin (Adhesive spray) and one to clean the skin before application. Both pre-taping sprays ensure a long lasting tape job!

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Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray

Our Pre-Taping Adhesive Sprays are a game-changer when it comes to kinesiology tape applications. The spray is designed to be used before the tape is applied to the skin and helps to increase the adhesion between the tape and the skin. By doing so, it creates a stronger and longer-lasting bond between the tape and the skin, which is especially beneficial for athletes or anyone who needs to move around a lot. Our VetkinTape spray is also used on animals to make VetkinTape stick better to the fur or coat. Unlike other pre-taping sprays on the market, which use pressurized bottles and may contain harmful chemicals, our spray is environmentally friendly and simply uses a pump system. This also makes it easier to transport, as it can be packed in a bag or carried around without worrying about leaks or spills. Overall, our Pre-Taping Adhesive Spray is a must-have for anyone who wants to make sure their kinesiology tape applications are as effective as possible.

Pre-Tape Clean Spray

Pre-tape clean sprays are an indispensable part of any kinesiology taping kit. They are specially formulated to help prepare the skin for taping and to optimise adhesion. These sprays are designed to remove any oils, dirt, or residue from the skin, leaving behind a clean and dry surface that is perfect for taping. The pre-tape clean spray contains 70% alcohol, which is effective in killing germs and bacteria, making it ideal for cleaning the skin before taping. Whether you're an athlete, physiotherapist, or anyone who regularly uses kinesiology tape, this pre-tape clean spray is a must-have item for your kit. It will help to ensure that your taping application is as effective and long-lasting as possible.

Benefits of Pre-Taping Sprays

  • Most environmentally friendly alternative to existing aerosprays on the market.
  • No propellants in the product.
  • Can be used to secure tapes and make them last longer.
  • Strong adhesion without irritating the skin.
  • Simple spray adhesive gives sports tapes and wraps more adhesive power.
  • Water-resistant adhesive for better adhesion in wet weather.
  • Dries to a colourless film: invisible after application.
  • Handy-Size 200 ML spray fits easily into your duffel bag.

Made to last

Our sprays are particularly useful in situations where you need to tape on oily or sweaty skin. The adhesive spray creates a sticky surface that improves the adhesion of the tape and increases the security of wraps or tapes. It is more water-resistant than the adhesive on most tapes, making it ideal for applying to areas that are more likely to be wet/sweaty/dirty. Our clean skin sprays ensure a clean surface to start taping on.

Frequently asked questions about pre-tape sprays

Pre-taping spray is a product used to prepare skin for the application of kinesiology tape. We have two pre-taping sprays in our assortment: one to clean the skin before application and one to make tape stick better.

Pre-taping spray should be applied to clean skin prior to the application of kinesiology tape. Apply an even layer of the spray to the area of skin that will be covered by the tape. Allow the spray to dry completely before applying the tape. In case of the clean skin spray, wipe off excess spray off the skin and apply tape afterwards.

In case of our adhesive spray, it can last just as long as your taping job (4-7 days), depending on the type of activity you are engaging in.

Pre-taping spray is generally considered safe for use and does not typically cause any side effects. However, if irritation or other adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

No it is not. Our kinesiology tape is made to stick to skin or coats/fur without any extra product. However, in some cases it’s useful to use a pre-taping spray. For example when you have extra oily skin or when taping an animal and you want to make sure the tape lasts longer.