CureTape® Giant

The Thysol Corporation is the manufacturer and supplier of the most widely used kinesiology tape in the professional medical market world-wide. CureTape Giant® is a Class-1 Medical product that is registered with the TGA and also carries the European TÜV quality mark. CureTape Giant® is manufactured in our own factory making it the highest quality kinesiology tape on the market proving it to be a safe product for therapists, doctors, hospitals and patients world-wide. To purchase CureTape Giant® please visit our online shop.
CureTape Giant® rolls of 5cm x 31.5 meters are available in 8 different colors: blue, beige, red, pink, orange, black, yellow and green.
Note: As a therapist why not add a per/meter cost when taping patients to ensure business costings remain low.

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