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For over 15 years, THYSOL has conducted kinesiology taping courses worldwide through our trademark MTC®. These courses, accredited independently at the local level, cater to medical professionals. Our dedicated team of MTC® instructors collaborates closely, collecting current global information to provide therapists with the latest developments in medical knowledge. CureTape®, our kinesiology tape, is accessible to therapists and patients in many countries, with local MTC® instructors offering instructional courses.

MTC® kinesiology taping courses for qualified therapists

To enrol in an MTC® kinesiology tape course, individuals must hold qualifications in a medically related field, such as nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, massage therapy, and similar professions. Unfortunately, MTC® courses are not accessible to the general public. We prioritize patient well-being, and ensuring the proper application of our products involves educating medical professionals about the contra-indications and benefits of using CureTape®.

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