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Nowadays, fascia is an important subject. In recent literature and scientific research, more and more attention is given to the structure called “fascia”. Synonyms for fascia are also called “connective tissue”.By researching the fascial structures and using new techniques to visualise them (Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau), experienced tapers find the explanation as to why you can achieve amazing results with CureTape® kinesiology tape, IASTM tools and additional fascia massage tools.

Some of the discoveries made about fascia in recent years :

  • Fascia runs throughout the body and surrounds every cell
  • The fascia contains contractile elements which, under the influence of stress, can cause tension and stiffness
  • It contains a very high degree of sensors, so that it can be counted among the senses
  • Fascia has an elastic property that allows it to store and transport forces
  • Fascia shape and support the muscles and skeleton in stability and mobility
  • Fascia is for the most part filled with water
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Kinesiology taping is a relatively new form of therapy and (after application to the skin) can affect some properties of the fascia. Not only from a mechanical point of view, but also sensory stimulation can have a great influence on fascia.

Dr. Guimberteau DVD series

Dr. Guimberteau (plastic surgeon) has beautifully visualised the fascia with a microscopic camera under the skin. At the moment, he has filmed several structures and has released 5 DVDs.


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