Bursitis of the hip – Kinesiology tape

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Bursitis can occur in various places in the body. Bursitis Subtrochanterica is the bursa of the hip inflamed, this causes pain on the outside of the hip. Bursas are a kind of cushion bags that occur in various places in the body, such as the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, Achilles tendon, groin and shin. The bursa ensures smooth movements between muscles, bones and tendons.
Burses can become inflamed by overloading, abnormal walking patterns, leg length differences, or by bacteria. Bursitis caused by bacteria can cause the skin to feel warm and swell. This inflammation must be treated immediately by a doctor. An acute bursitis can occur after an accident, a direct trauma, or after a one time overload caused by too much activity.
Bursitis of the hip is generally found in older women, but young runners also belong to the risk group.
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Symptoms of bursitis:

  • Pressive, nagging pain at the side of the hip, thigh or buttock.
  • Pain on palpation of the hip.
  • Pain when moving the hip joint.
  • Pain when sitting with legs crossed.
  • Radiating pain to other parts of the body.
When the diagnosis has been established, kinesiology taping can be successfully used to support the physiotherapeutic treatment. The following taping applications are suitable for application.

Option 1: Space technology

Space technique
Cut four I strips and apply them to the bursa subtrochanterica using a ligament technique. The spacer technique creates space under the skin and provides pain relief. This tape application is experienced as supportive.

Option 2: Lymphatic technique

Lymphatic technique
Cut two octopus-lymph fans and lay them crosswise to form a grid. The grids have a draining effect.

More information:

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