CrossLinq Acupressure Crosspatches SmallCrossLinq Acupressure Crosspatches Small

CrossLinq® acupressure cross patches – Small

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CrossLinq (Crosstape) is loaded points of energy, such as pain points, trigger points and acupuncture points stuck.
CrossLinq is available in 3 sizes: Small – Medium – Large.

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This CrossLinq (acupressure cross patches or crosstape) is loaded on energy issues, such pain points, trigger points and acupuncture points stuck. By palpation, these points are discoverable by a therapist.

CrossLinq information:
• Available in three sizes: ◦Small: 20 sheets x 12 crosslinqs (240 crosslinqs)
◦Medium: 20 sheets x 8 crosslinqs (total 160 crosslinqs)
◦Large: 20 sheets x 2 crosslinqs (total 40 crosslinqs)

• Color: Beige
• High quality without adding drugs
• Self-adhesive and waterproof (showering and swimming)

CrossLinq is among others used successfully in:
• to better heal scars
• tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
• trigger point in fibromyalgia
• lymph node stations to promote lymphatic drainage
• painful movement restrictions pain at one point

Preferably diagonal slices the crosslinqs. For bonding and the best performance, we recommend using a wooden skewer to make acupressure cross patches not come into contact with the fingers.

Additional information

Weight .036 kg
Dimensions 1.5 x 8 x 13.5 cm

Small, Medium, Large

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