FASCIQ® Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray

FASCIQ® Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray

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FASCIQ® Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray is a spray-on adhesive to increase the stick between tape and the skin, making tapes stick very securely and last longer.

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Improves Efficiency in Taping Treatments
Supports Optimal Tape Applications
Versatile and Comprehensive Range of Accessories


FASCIQ® Pre-Tape Spray is a spray-on adhesive to increase the stick between tape and the skin, making tapes stick very securely and last longer.

Adhesive layer in Pre-Tape Adhesive Sprays more water resistant

The spray is particularly handy in situations where you are required to tape on either greasy or sweaty skin. The adhesive spray creates a tacky surface which helps to improve tape adherence and add security to any wraps or tapes. It is more water resistant than the adhesive on most tapes, making it ideal for applying to areas that are prone to be more wet/sweaty/dirty.

The alcohol content also acts as a skin cleaner and provides antiseptic protection to the skin without discolouration. The spray is colourless, completely invisible once sprayed onto the skin


Benefits of FASCIQ® Pre-Taping Spray

  • Most eco-friendly alternative to existing aero sprays on the market.
  • No propellants in the product.
  • Use to secure tapes & strapping and make tape jobs last longer.
  • Strong adherence without irritating skin.
  • Easy spray-on adhesive gives sports tape and wraps more stick.
  • Water-resistant adhesive for better hold in wet weather.
  • Dries to a colourless film: invisible once applied.
  • Handy-Size 200 ML spray will easily fit in your kit bag.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jenni Kuemmel

It s really helpful on the winter coats


My daughter suffers with Osgood-Schlatter and taping during races really helps but unfortunately the tape always comes off after the swim. We tried the Fasciq pre-tape adhesive and it was brilliant! The tape stayed on for all 3 disciplines and she had the support she needed. I wish we had found it sooner

Juan Corrin
Sticks well

Great service and product

Mark Kelly

It does exactly what it promises. Tape stays stuck. Just need to take care when applying.

Takes time to become tacky

It takes time to become tacky so when placing the tape you need to hold it in place initially, the nozzle gets gummed up. However, it is an effective adherent.

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